About Us

About Regents Custom Builders

Regents Custom Builders is recognized as one of the Southeast’s premier design / build firms having completing several hundred projects over the last dozen years.  We are known for our creative vision, our excruciating attention to detail and our transparent delivery method.  Regents provides fully integrated services to guide clients through every step of the construction process from design concepts to custom turn-key solutions.  Our mission is to exceed your expectations with both our process and our product by ensuring the best combination of planning, solutions, service, quality and price. 

Our company is built around a passion for high-level design and a love for artisanship.  Our work has been seen on numerous design / renovation shows, featured in several magazines and our client list is second to none.  The Regents team of highly experienced designers, project managers and master craftsmen treats every project as if it were our own.  We believe form follows function and good design is good business.  We insist on only the highest quality materials and workmanship and strictly adhere to budgets and schedules.  We are not the biggest or the most expensive, we are simply the best!

What is Design/Build?

In the construction sector, design build refers to a firm or any type of organization that provides a full range of project planning, design, and construction services. A design build organization simplifies the remodeling process, making it less expensive and safe.

A general contractor is in charge of all functional aspects of the construction process.

The general contractor typically has considerable experience in all aspects of building, making him qualified to handle the work of all sorts of subcontractors required for any given project.

The general contractor may hire other subcontractor, who has the practical knowledge to assess the performance of the subcontractor’s work.

The investor or owner is involved in every phase of the construction process, which includes the planning phase, the design phase, and the construction phase

Our Process

Common objectives

Both the owner and the contractor and the sub-contractors want the project to be completed at its highest standard and to exceed the owner’s expectations.

Choosing the Best Design-Build Company

When selecting a design-build business, you should say the same things you would ask each distinct entity during the vetting process because you are recruiting both an architect/designer and a contractor.

The most intriguing aspect of design build is that the price of construction or whatever construction that are to be constructed is clearly known upfront, unlike in the local system, where the full amount spent on a particular construction can only be known only when the last of the last things to be done is clearly completed. The most significant aspect of the design build is that it can never let you down; it’s more like seeking to reach a goal when everything you need to achieve the goal has already been supplied. All the blueprints have been completed before starting, build design allows for less cost and waste.

It allows for “teamwork” because the construction is purely dependent on different people’s ideas, which usually results in the greatest results because they know what works and what doesn’t. When it comes to getting your project done precisely and reducing the danger of building errors, dexterity and experiences are essential. When you fail to plan, you plan to fail.  We live by the old carpenter’s adage measure twice, cut once!